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Despite all the negative stereotypes, it seems to me like a land full of life. I was in awe after working  as a translator at Berlinale Premier of  ” Karen llora en un bus” (Karen cries on a bus)

This is what it is to be a woman, when in the verge of self-discovery avoid to let yourself fall in the arms of the so called male love, so that you can take a step in the shade of a pair of pants, rather than owning your personal pair. Sometimes it is about choosing love or life. I chose life, and I don´t regret it, the woman you become once you cut off from a suffocating, stagnating relationship is by all means, the woman you are meant to happen.

Really good film, with a wonderful hommage to Eric Rohmer, and simple and unpretentious. Also the whole cast and staff is absolutely delightful. They are currently looking for distribution in Spain, and i hope they actually get it so that you can all run to your indy film theatre of choice and enjoy it. However  the case…there must be something in the air of Bogota, because once I met those people (Gabriel, Angela, Alejandro…) I thought of Laura, Bogota pride.

Good people, fun times.

Loads of love and good films.




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