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Accordingly to Huffington Post our New Year´s resolutions will fail due to the lack of energy, and this is common sense. It is all about discipline and consistency in the long run. And I am lacking both, but amazingly enough after two months travelling the US, and embracing Nature like a wild child, I do have massive storage of energy. Maybe the wise thing to do will be making DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY achieving, your main 2012 goals. But they are nonsense, unless there is a powerful reason behind them. But if we visualize it…we will actually get to the subconscious real goal…what a nice way to trick yourself.


I will have the discipline to go to the gym—-You go to the gym, and you get proper fit.

Cross out every day you beat procrastination on the calendar, for the sake of discipline. Day by day, instead visualizing your fab self on a bikini in Southern India. Easy.

I will have the consistency to go to German classes—-You learn German, and you make your life easier in Berlin.

Good ideas to find out how to achieve all these things…still, it´s all common sense in the end, but never the less we all need to be reminded. However I really enjoy reading Celes. She´s a star.

Also on these first weeks of flying back home to Berlin, hip Neukolln moving, and getting rid of jet lag thanks to Melatonin (kids don´t do sleeping pills they are bad, drugs, DRUGS) I have been thinking about personal financial planning and the things I will do this year. Also biz planning for my third enterprise so far, after a mild successful fashion label in the late 90s at the age of 18(where were all of you, fashion bloggers? where were you Tavi, probs not born ouch :-/ age again) and a graphic design studio. And I discovered the wonder and phenomenon that is Danielle la Porte (is there something in the BC air that breeds really special people…what is it with you?) please read all she has to say about money and biz and actually…read all of it.

I have also been thinking about the type of biz. I truly would like to embrace. I mean don´t get me wrong, I love being a tour guide is a lot of fun, and specially if I can make ludotours,meaning playful tours. But still is not my final call, it´s just a mean for the time being, that makes me really happy and allows me a lot of space to grow in many fields. Aside from the fact that am a nerd and love History, and German History, and pimping the nazis, has to give you loads of good karma. Right?

This is how my year is starting…very full throttle. I would like to work more, write more and read more. And why not, start  a different blog, my misspelled woah! is a treasure box, but it´s too static and random.

Loads of love and inspiration.



Ahhh it´s always so easy on paper.

Being trapped at Amazon HQ lobby without a book to read.

Loads of books, kindles or kind books.



And this is what I missed today in Seattle, because I missed the bus. I miss the bus, and I miss Berlin. Time for missing. Bollocks.

At one of the many Berlinale parties, the one for the workers, volunteers and collaborators of this year fest, I got lucky enough to meet a lot of wonderful characters, although it is to my belief by now that most people in this city is a certain character per se. Free drinks through the night ensured a good share of fun for everyone. Also the karaoke run by the same guy that runs the Mauer Park Sonntag Karaoke, helped to get us in the mood. I met Marta in the bathroom queue. She is fun, and adorable and she is now working for the In-Edit Film Fest, that is a newcomer to Berlin this year, after many succesful years in Barcelona.  Music, film and pop culture…it simply doesn´t get any better than that.

As a preview in their program the festival will be screening exclusively as a pre-opening event  the documentary by American film maker Yoni Leyser  ” William S. Burroughs- A Man Within“.

Film screening and presentation will be held at Berlin´s place to be HBC, first of nearly spring month of March.

To miss not.

Loads of love and lovely cultural contacts.



Despite all the negative stereotypes, it seems to me like a land full of life. I was in awe after working  as a translator at Berlinale Premier of  ” Karen llora en un bus” (Karen cries on a bus)

This is what it is to be a woman, when in the verge of self-discovery avoid to let yourself fall in the arms of the so called male love, so that you can take a step in the shade of a pair of pants, rather than owning your personal pair. Sometimes it is about choosing love or life. I chose life, and I don´t regret it, the woman you become once you cut off from a suffocating, stagnating relationship is by all means, the woman you are meant to happen.

Really good film, with a wonderful hommage to Eric Rohmer, and simple and unpretentious. Also the whole cast and staff is absolutely delightful. They are currently looking for distribution in Spain, and i hope they actually get it so that you can all run to your indy film theatre of choice and enjoy it. However  the case…there must be something in the air of Bogota, because once I met those people (Gabriel, Angela, Alejandro…) I thought of Laura, Bogota pride.

Good people, fun times.

Loads of love and good films.



So much for the hype.  Since discovered by los Hermanos, I have been terribly addicted. But to see how the number one ex-pat English speaking magazine in Berlin, Exberliner Mag is now about to publish the celebrated comic strip monthly, is rather shocking. As this is still somewhat a  sensitive topic in Germany, although the youngsters, that is the ones in the age of being “hipsters” themselves specially here in Berlin, where you bump into hordes of so-called hipsters although with a flair of laidbackness – fake or not – unlikely in any other trendy capital city as NYC or London.  The youngsters indeed,  are already somewhat detached from the nazi past, and those 12 years and 3 months of darkness in the history of a rather admirable country and people . I think this is good, this is a good idea in every aspect, to satirize Hitler and the hipsters, for it will lift the heavy weight upon two generations…and set the third one free. Might be the combination of both what actually rewarded their creator’s astounding creativity and well-doing, with a remarkable  success over the net. About time to have it printed. Should pair it with Maus, at one point. And that is a request.

Loads of love and sense of humour.



I always get asked the same question in my tours (am currently working as a tour guide, and most of the time loving it) what is it with the bear?. My answer is that there was a time in Brandenburg region where bears were living in the woods carefree and happily. Of course then evolution and civilization came and all went to hell. But the symbol of the land prevailed, and so it is in Berlin’s flag. Also, some people think that the name of Berlin comes from bär which is German word for bear, and Berlin is pronounced somewhat like Bärlin…truth is Berlin comes from birl (and this we must say in the tours)as slavic word which means swamp.

However the case, to prove the importance of bears around here, once a year we have the Berlinale to remind us, where directors, actors, producers compete for a silver bear. I will be luckily working at the festival this year as a translator, and hopefully will be able to watch some good pieces and update about it.

Now, don’t miss Carmela’s glorious scrapbook travel diary of her recent trip to Berlin, hoping she will be back in summer.

Is it me, or this years poster reminds a bit of Bread and Butter?

Loads of love, grrrr, and films.



Skateboarding, sneakers, more skate, clothes, freebies, hot dudes…and cherry on top Vane. It sounds like a total plan for me.

I am so loving this week.

In case you have no mingering idea of what am actually talking about, here

Loads of love and stay bright!!!



UPDATE: And Sergej Vutuc is not only an amazing photographer believing in analog methods, but he is also the nicest. Good people.

It is passion, a wild desire, it is a gypsy soul trapped in a Nordic body, it is the joy of life chosen, the rough path of the lonely warrior, the practical intelligence combined with the rawness of the good things on a plate, in a bed or on a wall whirlwind all in neon pink and neon green. It is all together needed, to become the mixed talents of a woman, emerging in not just a sexist world, but a sexist sexist branch of a sexist world, so called Art…so it does get sexual, and primitive, and funny and deep, complex…and basic. And she shows, for there is nothing to be ashamed of. Rage is a beautiful thing. Love is a beautiful thing. Thanks for your fantastic work, Marie, you deserve all things big, all things great…for you have the tools to face any challenge.

Loads of love and Karla Marie Bentzen



Thanks to the metalhead and curious mind that is Rafa Gil, and his Twitter…I bumped into this man and his speech at TED. Just one month after I met the beautiful soul that is Maria, a physicist and she is ALREADY a PhD, so Doctor Maria is doing a postdoc in neuroscience, and just related to what this man is actually doing. Brain and creativity.  When she told me that part of the scholarship budget went to buy a piano and formerly place it in the middle of the lab…I knew I was facing something big.

Loads of love and one brain.



Cannot write anymore.:-(