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So much for the hype.  Since discovered by los Hermanos, I have been terribly addicted. But to see how the number one ex-pat English speaking magazine in Berlin, Exberliner Mag is now about to publish the celebrated comic strip monthly, is rather shocking. As this is still somewhat a  sensitive topic in Germany, although the youngsters, that is the ones in the age of being “hipsters” themselves specially here in Berlin, where you bump into hordes of so-called hipsters although with a flair of laidbackness – fake or not – unlikely in any other trendy capital city as NYC or London.  The youngsters indeed,  are already somewhat detached from the nazi past, and those 12 years and 3 months of darkness in the history of a rather admirable country and people . I think this is good, this is a good idea in every aspect, to satirize Hitler and the hipsters, for it will lift the heavy weight upon two generations…and set the third one free. Might be the combination of both what actually rewarded their creator’s astounding creativity and well-doing, with a remarkable  success over the net. About time to have it printed. Should pair it with Maus, at one point. And that is a request.

Loads of love and sense of humour.




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