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recolectando todos los huesos

de una siesta larga

y una migraña que dejaba

el imposible del vacío

en el costado

con la estaca hendida

y en ascenso

en penitencia pública


revisitaba los renglones

sucios de sotana larga

que arrebataban el poder

a propios y extraños.

eterno en el bucle

de sísifos y de ausencia

velada de yoyaestoydevuelta

que bien que acabas de llegar 

que pena que me tenga que ir





Starting afresh with a Tuesday treat in the shape of books. New section to review some of the literary pieces that am hands on.

For the opening of this section I give you two readings. The full review coming up next Tuesday.

1. “Girls to the front. The true story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution” Sara Marcus. Published by Harper Perennial.

From the first pages, the brutal honesty Marcus delivers makes you feel instantly like  you have found a long-lost friend from your high school years. She is reviewing the story lived by many of us,one way or another, as well as the feminist phenomena as well as popular subculture hit that was the Riot Grrrl movement. Cannot wait to finish it and give a proper full review.


2. “Riot Grrrl. Revolution Girl Style Now!” Foreword by Beth Ditto of The Gossip, text by Julia Downes, Red Chidgey, Cazz Blase and Suzy Corrigan. Published by Black Dog Publishing.

I admit it, I went on a riot grrrl frenzy, could be the symptoms of nostalgia about the youth that is now fading. But, nevertheless, and being consequent with oneself this is a must read for anyone interested not just in the movement or feminism, but also D.I.Y culture and the power and drive to make a statement creatively. In the shape of a scrapbook of detailed info, with visuals raging all kinds of zines from that time back in the  90s. This comes across as an illustrated encyclopedia that I was fortunate enough to receive on my mailbox just today.


Next Tuesday full review and new treats for your brains, your eyes and your genitalia.

Loads of love and riot grrrling.



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I thought as an exercise (and since in all fairness I am not doing anything with so far) I should go back to this homework-notebook to get me going into the pains of writing…nowadays drama. So here we are, upon request of several (that is the two of you who read this).

Stay tuned.

Lots of love and comebacks (kids)



So I started this webpage while I was in the US, with the help and collaboration of my dear friend Mr. Rat, now am doing it on my own, and of course am finding some troubles. But what would be of it all without the troubles. It started as a professional webpage to offer alternative indie tours in the city of Berlin. Finally to admit that I am not willing to have my second job also being tour guiding. Also this blog existed for the mere fact that I love to write.  I try in English, even though if I am not so dexterous in a language that is not my own, and am humbled but my own ignorance and lack of skill. But I always think on how Samuel Beckett turned to French as his language of preference for his writingsafter the war, not that am saying that am the second epitome of  modernist literature, a genius, or even Irish. The closest to being Beckettian is me being named Lucia.  Still on try-out condition.

So the webpage has a more feminist spirit, and it´s aimed to women in their thirties whose life is not a postcard.




I have not deserted my love for writing. And this is a selfreminder, am just trying to put everything together and start a different type of blog and writing.

Meanwhile, things that happened, to keep my biographers informed like my dear friend Pec would say…

– I moved into a beautiful apartment with my dear friend Sam.

– I put on weight, but joined the gym.

– I am rebuilding myself, so that I can have 6 months of work in tourism and 6 months of work as a writer.

– I am buying house in Ibiza, with my brother.

– I can´t speak any German.

– I love loud music, more than ever, specially after the Sleep gig.

– I wished I could get more involved in solving people´s misery.


DOLORES is probably one of the best indie bands from Madrid, and Spain.




Loads of love and pain, and lust, and love, and pain and BDSM