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The year of Bruce Lee…and I welcomed it in Seattle, where his and his son Brandon gravesite are to be found. On a more delightful and playful mood, here it is how the next year will be.

2012: What will happen.

JANUARY: Someone named Theresa will have my glasses on the 1st day of the year, I will get them back on the 2nd. Will watch The Godfather and think about moving to a lil village in Sicily. I will fly back to Berlin, instead, with no delays, and even if I get stuck in London I won´t be able to see Pec, because she will be working and BA will make me fly in the afternoon. Also I won´t be able to see Cruz as she would still be in Madrid. Will go to Henry Rollins gig with my mate Sam. Will join a Crossfit gym or start long distance running, altogether with Power Yoga and Chi Kung with my friend Pablo. And I will stick to it. Stalk the fancy people at Berlin fashion week. Specially heterosexual men.

FEBRUARY: One month no smoke.Think to go back to fashion biz, and discard it. I will be working my ass off, for petty coins, it will be freezing and snow will break in. The Bright Tradeshow won´t send me the press pass, and I would tell their corporate asses to stay away from the true spirit of skateboarding and all boarding sports: FREEDOM you fools. I will be single yet again in St. Valentine´s day but getting lots of good sex.  I will tour with Pec, or at least I will be in London. I can write now…oh no hold it, that´s an illusion.

MARCH: Biz takes off. Like seriously. Find a nice, cheap apartment in Moabit or Treptower Park, because I can´t live with the NK hip anymore, and I need nature. Although I might reconsider it and stay close to my friends in da hood.  We will jump into Spring, the season most hated. I will be allergic starting next month and single. Will wish to go to Japan, to say goodbye to friend Aitana, but I will be working my ass off and poor. Fidel Castro dies. The end of an era. Tresca´s birthday.

APRIL:  I will be on B2 of Deutsch, and able to have a decent conversation. At least. Or talk nonsense with a nice accent. I will be making millions.And writing a lot. Will be almost fit, back to a normal 125 pounds and eating good. I might get a boyfriend, just for the sake of having a boyfriend. Wait no, I have no time. My mother´s birthday.

MAY: Go to London, to be amazed by this in case i can´t make it to ATP. Buy a rodie to run with friends Sam and Marta. Enjoy two days of sun for the first time since arrival. Get amazingly cured from allergy, and enjoy Spring. Ha. I will buy my ticket to India. Go somewhere to surf and chill.

JUNE: Will go to Ibiza to pay a quick visit to my parents and my dog, chill at the beach and smoke weed…NO wait…this is my 5th month no smoking…anything. Crack included. Will get my hair cut at my favourite hairstylist in San Antoni, a Scottish sexy man.Second time I will cut my hair in the year, probably last. On my way there, a  quick stop in Madrid to see friends, meet Tresca´s daughter, Molly than by then will be sleep trained and actually walking. She will probably hold a MBA in Business, as well.

JULY: We will have two days of summer, and everyone in Berlin will run to the lakes. Will go to the Berlin Fashion Week, and maybe bump into Angelica. I will get a smartphone, because it is about time. Will have lots of work and make lots of money. New twist in the occupying movement, now revolution is coming late fall, right before the World ends. We will have a Green November instead of a Red October.

AUGUST : Will work even more, write even more, and ride a whole lot more. Will go to my brother´s wedding in India, and celebrate my 32 years of age with friends and family in southern India. I will celebrate in Chennai my brother´s wedding, and will cry a lot, dance a lot and hug people a lot. Hang out with friends and family. Feel much love.

SEPTEMBER: Travel to Kerala, to stay in an ashram for a month. Get my first yoga teacher training. Write a lot.

OCTOBER: Meet up with my friend Rodrigo in Nepal, to trek the Himalayas. Will stay there for a while, and meet interesting people, in the amazing land. One week volunteer in Lhasa. Revolution is coming.

NOVEMBER: We are taking the streets, and there is a global change a conscious change. Will most likely move to Malaysia or India, on a new job position. Book publishing deal. Get married, because some say the end of the World is near. And I will rethink my position and actually get married.

DECEMBER: Will spend Christmas with my family for the first time in two years. …….

So that´s it. Read also this  post about how to face the New Year.

Loads of love and aspirations.



I agree with Nathan Badley about 2011 sucking and what´s the point of reviewing the year that past. But as an exercise to recover my own memory damaged by the use and abuse of certain substances and Gossip Girl (am guilty) I will review both 2011 and 2012.

2011: Things that happened:

JANUARY: Got a job as a tour guide in Berlin. It was so cold, that  the rush of speaking in front of 30 people crowds vanished, and some of my tourists got drunk on gluhwein, wich made it even easier. Became friends with Martin and he never taught me to play drums nor German, but he is my lil German bro.

FEBRUARY: It got even colder and I learnt any possible fact about the nazis. Also worked at the Berlin Film fest as a translator, in front this time, of 200 people crowds, go figure. Closed the bar where the closing party for the film fest took place and where I met Marta. At the ladies restroom line speaking fake Portuguese. Bright Tradeshow and Vane came with the Carhartt Team. Hooray.

MARCH: Saw Allan McGee at In-Edit film festival, and became friends with Sam.

APRIL: I learnt everything there is to learn about street-art and graffiti, my love for Berlin kept growing as my knowledge of German language kept decreasing. Now it´s officially in the dumpsters. Also learnt lots about the World…THE WORLD, thanks to Wikileaks and could  hack some corporate sites full of shite. Then the Arab Spring raised. One year in Berlin anniversary, and went to my sis in law thesis defense on some cells or something, thank god it had pictures and 2D animations with plenty of colours. Saw my family and friends after almost one year. Also made this happen for my beautiful friend and even better artist Karla Marie, and thanks to my other beautiful friend and amazing artist Joanna. Scandinavia all the way.

MAY: Millions of people took the main square of Madrid, my hometown, and revolution spreaded following the Arab Spring with the Indignado movement, on 15M-15th of May. Never seen in the history of sold out Spain. We took Brandenburg Tor as well. Manuel came by surprise for a weekend.

JUNE: Still can´t write properly.

JUNE: We were hoping for summer to come, instead I got allergy and then rain. Had lots of fun with Tim, Sam, Jonny and other workmates and friends.

JULY:  Summer was here, meaning rain and cold. Romina and Victor came visit. And i loved it. Wished they live here with all their cats. Learnt all there is to learn about Prussia. Staches included. Epic Tour de France, with the Tour de France crew!. Went to Ibiza to visit my parents and my dog, and also relax. Yes, relax.

AUGUST: Vane and Coffee came and stayed for a month of fun and esvaismal. Good nights at Dilemma and remarkable birthday bash (GOD am aging, why didn´t you tell me anything? ) at Wowsville with friends. Half of my baking tools are still there. Maybe I will get it next year.

SEPTEMBER: Left Schoneberg and moved to Neukolln, mistake. My bike got stolen. Still can´t write. Bought my ticket to fly to the States. Pec came visit and we lived like rockstars, and we hanged out with the rockstars. Then I miss her endlessly, and wished she lived here with el grillo.

OCTOBER: My mother came visit, we finally had some summer weather. Mid october left for almost three months to travel the USA. Went to San Francisco, visited my friends in California. And finally made it to Big Sur. Not in the bucket anymore. Still didn´t manage to surf, and still can´t write. I embraced my hobo ways and saw the L.A. family after more than 10 years. I love California. I am California.

NOVEMBER: Bought a Greyhound pass, and greyhounded all of the U.S. south, from L.A to Phoenix, to El Paso, to San Antonio and then Austin. Probably one of my favourite places in USA. Went to Fun Fun Fun Fest, got drank, fought, defied the law and the law…didn´t see me. Then greyhounded all the way to Denver, and stayed in Boulder, hiked a little, never made it to the Rockies (although I saw them) just to leave the happy life behind yet again in another greyhound bus through Utah, icy Wyoming all the way to Boise, Idaho. Travelled through Idaho, up to Coeur d´Alene with Mr. Rat. Was amazed, and then we almost die in the snow. Got back to Seattle.

DECEMBER: I have lived in Seattle, not doing much. Went to a writing workshop and still don´t know how to write. But I allow myself to fail at it, also at losing weight,  and quitting smoking. Build up my own webpage to have a side tours project, a backup plan doing different tours  than the ones I normally do with a big company, also as a freelance. Bought a hybrid roadie for 40bucks. Didn´t join Occupy Seattle. Bought a pair of glasses after a year isolated in sight and speech, to lose them in ten days. Covered the whole city of Seattle with my face.

Basically it´s been the year of learning, revolution, determination, self-discovery, image and age crisis and that kind of  tedious crap. Sometimes sweet and dandy, sometimes a bit difficult. Ups and downs. Never dull, lacking of routine and discipline, overboard with colour.

GIGS:  no specific order: The Oh Sees (x2), Za!, the orchestra man that we ended up on stage with, Black Hearts Procession, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!, Public Enemy, Scratch Acid, Death before Dishonor, Chelsea Wolfe, Suede, Primal Scream, Russian Circles…and am forgetting some more that I can´t remember…so I guess I was either not my best self, or those bands were not their best selves.

MOUNTAINS: Flatirons, Rockies, Mt. Rainier. Seen them, just hiked the first ones.

NEXT 2012 POST ON…well 2012.

Loads of love and best wishes, please DON´T DRINK AND DRIVE.



UPDATE: This man seems really smart, so listen to him…THE WORLD IS NOT ENDING DEC 21st 2012.


I forgot to give you YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT.




Enjoy. Don´t thank me, thank them.


Love and books.






I have always loved Adriano Celentano, and this video makes me laugh.

Dai Azurri!

Grande amore per tutti.



P.S. Although my favourite Mina´s song is L´eclipse Twist that is the opening of master Antonioni´s master piece L´eclipse, and one of my favourite all times films.

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It´s magic.

Today, as an unstated Christmas tradition to many families, unconventional and untraditional families as well, my dear brother in arms Mr. Rat (a truly nonbeliever in the spirit of Christmas) and myself went and watch that wonder that is Hugo 3D by Mr. Scorsese. The film follows the story of a poor boy living in a mix of what seems the Gare de Lyon and the Gare Saint-Lazare, the train station once portrayed wonderfully by  Claude Monet. Story is set on the 30s, the brewing time of hatred in Europe, right after the WWI, you know the setting on which the New World Order appeared as expressed on the Fourteen Points by  former president Woodrow Wilson.

Dickens, dickens, dickens.Blah blah…hold it!

Aside from the technical excellence of the film, set design, custom design, actor´s direction and performance (oh Christopher Lee), it looks back on the steaming history of entertainment and filmaking, as well as rendering  homage to George Melies, greatgrandfather of Science Fiction. And for whom I have always had some sort of loving, ever since I did this research on him on my first year of Design school (which allowed me to become friends with three wonderful creative minds).

This film, even if you don´t believe in magic, Christmas or dislike family films, is one that HAS TO BE WATCHED, undoubtedly.

Loads of love and MAGIC.




And it has beautiful Satie as part of the soundtrack. Click image below if you would like to hear it.