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Accordingly to Huffington Post our New Year´s resolutions will fail due to the lack of energy, and this is common sense. It is all about discipline and consistency in the long run. And I am lacking both, but amazingly enough after two months travelling the US, and embracing Nature like a wild child, I do have massive storage of energy. Maybe the wise thing to do will be making DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY achieving, your main 2012 goals. But they are nonsense, unless there is a powerful reason behind them. But if we visualize it…we will actually get to the subconscious real goal…what a nice way to trick yourself.


I will have the discipline to go to the gym—-You go to the gym, and you get proper fit.

Cross out every day you beat procrastination on the calendar, for the sake of discipline. Day by day, instead visualizing your fab self on a bikini in Southern India. Easy.

I will have the consistency to go to German classes—-You learn German, and you make your life easier in Berlin.

Good ideas to find out how to achieve all these things…still, it´s all common sense in the end, but never the less we all need to be reminded. However I really enjoy reading Celes. She´s a star.

Also on these first weeks of flying back home to Berlin, hip Neukolln moving, and getting rid of jet lag thanks to Melatonin (kids don´t do sleeping pills they are bad, drugs, DRUGS) I have been thinking about personal financial planning and the things I will do this year. Also biz planning for my third enterprise so far, after a mild successful fashion label in the late 90s at the age of 18(where were all of you, fashion bloggers? where were you Tavi, probs not born ouch :-/ age again) and a graphic design studio. And I discovered the wonder and phenomenon that is Danielle la Porte (is there something in the BC air that breeds really special people…what is it with you?) please read all she has to say about money and biz and actually…read all of it.

I have also been thinking about the type of biz. I truly would like to embrace. I mean don´t get me wrong, I love being a tour guide is a lot of fun, and specially if I can make ludotours,meaning playful tours. But still is not my final call, it´s just a mean for the time being, that makes me really happy and allows me a lot of space to grow in many fields. Aside from the fact that am a nerd and love History, and German History, and pimping the nazis, has to give you loads of good karma. Right?

This is how my year is starting…very full throttle. I would like to work more, write more and read more. And why not, start  a different blog, my misspelled woah! is a treasure box, but it´s too static and random.

Loads of love and inspiration.



Ahhh it´s always so easy on paper.

The year of Bruce Lee…and I welcomed it in Seattle, where his and his son Brandon gravesite are to be found. On a more delightful and playful mood, here it is how the next year will be.

2012: What will happen.

JANUARY: Someone named Theresa will have my glasses on the 1st day of the year, I will get them back on the 2nd. Will watch The Godfather and think about moving to a lil village in Sicily. I will fly back to Berlin, instead, with no delays, and even if I get stuck in London I won´t be able to see Pec, because she will be working and BA will make me fly in the afternoon. Also I won´t be able to see Cruz as she would still be in Madrid. Will go to Henry Rollins gig with my mate Sam. Will join a Crossfit gym or start long distance running, altogether with Power Yoga and Chi Kung with my friend Pablo. And I will stick to it. Stalk the fancy people at Berlin fashion week. Specially heterosexual men.

FEBRUARY: One month no smoke.Think to go back to fashion biz, and discard it. I will be working my ass off, for petty coins, it will be freezing and snow will break in. The Bright Tradeshow won´t send me the press pass, and I would tell their corporate asses to stay away from the true spirit of skateboarding and all boarding sports: FREEDOM you fools. I will be single yet again in St. Valentine´s day but getting lots of good sex.  I will tour with Pec, or at least I will be in London. I can write now…oh no hold it, that´s an illusion.

MARCH: Biz takes off. Like seriously. Find a nice, cheap apartment in Moabit or Treptower Park, because I can´t live with the NK hip anymore, and I need nature. Although I might reconsider it and stay close to my friends in da hood.  We will jump into Spring, the season most hated. I will be allergic starting next month and single. Will wish to go to Japan, to say goodbye to friend Aitana, but I will be working my ass off and poor. Fidel Castro dies. The end of an era. Tresca´s birthday.

APRIL:  I will be on B2 of Deutsch, and able to have a decent conversation. At least. Or talk nonsense with a nice accent. I will be making millions.And writing a lot. Will be almost fit, back to a normal 125 pounds and eating good. I might get a boyfriend, just for the sake of having a boyfriend. Wait no, I have no time. My mother´s birthday.

MAY: Go to London, to be amazed by this in case i can´t make it to ATP. Buy a rodie to run with friends Sam and Marta. Enjoy two days of sun for the first time since arrival. Get amazingly cured from allergy, and enjoy Spring. Ha. I will buy my ticket to India. Go somewhere to surf and chill.

JUNE: Will go to Ibiza to pay a quick visit to my parents and my dog, chill at the beach and smoke weed…NO wait…this is my 5th month no smoking…anything. Crack included. Will get my hair cut at my favourite hairstylist in San Antoni, a Scottish sexy man.Second time I will cut my hair in the year, probably last. On my way there, a  quick stop in Madrid to see friends, meet Tresca´s daughter, Molly than by then will be sleep trained and actually walking. She will probably hold a MBA in Business, as well.

JULY: We will have two days of summer, and everyone in Berlin will run to the lakes. Will go to the Berlin Fashion Week, and maybe bump into Angelica. I will get a smartphone, because it is about time. Will have lots of work and make lots of money. New twist in the occupying movement, now revolution is coming late fall, right before the World ends. We will have a Green November instead of a Red October.

AUGUST : Will work even more, write even more, and ride a whole lot more. Will go to my brother´s wedding in India, and celebrate my 32 years of age with friends and family in southern India. I will celebrate in Chennai my brother´s wedding, and will cry a lot, dance a lot and hug people a lot. Hang out with friends and family. Feel much love.

SEPTEMBER: Travel to Kerala, to stay in an ashram for a month. Get my first yoga teacher training. Write a lot.

OCTOBER: Meet up with my friend Rodrigo in Nepal, to trek the Himalayas. Will stay there for a while, and meet interesting people, in the amazing land. One week volunteer in Lhasa. Revolution is coming.

NOVEMBER: We are taking the streets, and there is a global change a conscious change. Will most likely move to Malaysia or India, on a new job position. Book publishing deal. Get married, because some say the end of the World is near. And I will rethink my position and actually get married.

DECEMBER: Will spend Christmas with my family for the first time in two years. …….

So that´s it. Read also this  post about how to face the New Year.

Loads of love and aspirations.



Skateboarding, sneakers, more skate, clothes, freebies, hot dudes…and cherry on top Vane. It sounds like a total plan for me.

I am so loving this week.

In case you have no mingering idea of what am actually talking about, here

Loads of love and stay bright!!!



UPDATE: And Sergej Vutuc is not only an amazing photographer believing in analog methods, but he is also the nicest. Good people.

I enjoy my body, I like giving myself long stares in the nude, in the intimacy of the aftershower. I like my body, because it´s femenine, and unique, not perfect, but it´s all mine …most of the time.

I have always had the wild desire of being one of those Newton´s models, ferocious and sensous women, not as objects but as power holders, independent, defying it all in the impossible high heels.

I love my body because it gives me endless pleasure to the senses. And am thankful for that.

All this body liking issue, has taken part of my flight time to Berlin, since I found out that starting June 11th at the Helmut Newton Foundation, you can see the work of Alice Springs (pseudonym for June Newton, pretty nice name of the mister´s wife).

Loads of love, and do what body likes.



P.S. I have been busy listening to everyone, surfing and falling in and out of love. But am already back in the crack. Stay tuned, riot coming.

The story of Marlene Dietrich is the story of Berlin, her hometown.  Marlene, has always had a place in a our family, as well. My grandfather and personal first pen pal (rest in peace, i miss you beyond words) wanted to name my adorable mother Marlene, due to his devotion for the actress, as an actress, as a woman as an antifascist symbol and also because his favourite song was “Lili Marlene”. It became spontaneous tradition to name all females in my family after songs, but that is yet another story. Unfortunately for both my momma and my grandpa,in early 1954  Marlene (short for Maria Magdalene, an actual Catholic whorish name) was a foreign name not accepted by the Catholic Spanish regime (back in the days all children born had to be baptized). So my grandpa chose Belen (name of the city where according to the Bible, Jesus Christ was born)that happens to sound similar…but still it is not Marlene. Needless to say my mother, would have chosen Marlene for herself.

The Blue Angel is the film that took her to AMERICA, first European sound film and one of the most important films in German film industry.  The story of that film is also the story of Marlene and the story of amazing Berlin. As for now I happen to live in Dietrich´s neighborhood, Schöneberg.

If you happen to be free on Thursday 29th at 19:00 hours our yet again favourite institut für film und videokunst, Arsenal is playing The Blue Angel in English as part of the Magical History Tour dedicated to the figure of Josef von Sternberg. Or if you are  a grand connoisseur of the beautiful German language, Arsenal would play Der blaue Engel original version on Friday 30th at 19:00 uhr.

Loads of love and good films.



Thanks to a fast visit to the Tate Museum in London, and thanks to my not enough valued friend Cruz and her Fashion thesis on artists and fashion designers; I came across the work of Ed Ruscha, who happens to collaborate with Stella McCartney (see video below)

And asked myself are we fated?

We will see.

Loads of love and soulful tunes. xxx L

Something am kind of passionate about are muscle cars and old motorbikes (and good looking men). Superficial me? Naaay.

And one dream I have is to build up my own Triumph motorbike, piece by piece.

Loads of rrrrrooooarrrr.



…my personal quest to give up all the pretty things .

Once you don´t have the means to spend on pretty things, you learn to live with the shoes you wear, the clothes you have. Your fashion shopping is virtual, and you learn to get good value for money. Once you have decided to live like a nomad, you no longer accept material gifts or tokens of affection, you no longer own books, cd´s, DVD´s, pictures…and memories are the size of a chocolate box, at most. You are what you see, and not what you carry. Getting plenty of dinning out, hugs, kisses, walks, wishes…

Overcoming deprivation and sense of abandonment, enlightens you in a way only reachable by despossession of unwanted family responsibilities. Having nothing; having no past nor future…gives you a complete sense of freedom and independence. And I feel fortunate, for not getting trapped. For I am alive.

So cheers to that.

Loads of love and a quick nappy.



Where my bitches at?.

I am fortunate enough to have in my life a number of women, whom I truly admire, whom I´ve been working with  through the good and the rough times and whom I love deeply. Firstly at a Fashion (the wonderful, exciting world of fashion)School, where you could see girls acting as a living proof of the best and worst of mankind. There I met this three talented girls, and before you could even say “fashion babies” at the tender age of 18 decided to come up with our own clothing line…Watashi Wa.  This was recent second stage in internet historical times.  No  myspace, no facebook, no twitter, no other possible way of spreading the word on how good your designs were, than literally spreading the word. We would work on cafés, ditching classes with our colours all over the table, drawing, laughing, brain storming, sharing all one Earl Grey tea as we were poor students. At the early stages of this tailor-made experience, we ended up winning Benicassim Music Festival Fashion Contest  first prize by doing this comic-zen inspired collection book with all four´s designs that we used to call “La Criatura”, Spanish for “The Creature”, by  making it mostly at a renown madrileño café called Pepe Botella. Later on we came up with incredible collections beyond our expertise. This Watashi Wa love affair, lasted (for me) 5 wonderful years, with ups and downs. But I never gave up the idea of working with this girls (at least two of them) and going back to the creative community we were. And the sisterhood prevailed. Despite the negative stereotypes weighed upon women working together, wich is pure macho shizzle.


After dropping out from Fashion School, I decided to enroll on a Political Science degree to apply for a Feminist Studies Scholarship. Considering myself a third wave feminist by all standards, but sadly realizing in mid 2000s, after a large amount of lectures and studies, that feminism has failed miserably. Not only we turned ourselves to the rat race of nonsensical power struggle, sacrificing our main grounds in the name of freedom, sexualizing our power  but more painfully we have objectified men by trying to liberate ourselves from our objectification. And in the way we all now are objects and subjects of consumerism, we are in chains falling under the stomping feet of neoliberalism. However I do agree, late feminism has proved to be a bit more favorable for men than it was for women. So after all this considerations, I joined the University female rugby team, partly dropping my studies, and met other wonderful girls tackling down all girl´s cliches. Being a woman is an act of continuous violence, and an exercise of reassuring identity, sexual knowledge, evading traps, and constant role checking.

Paradoxically the ultimate flare of social media, is a result of the female networking, how women relate to others on a regular basis. Is it time, already, to simply and equally embrace our roles? or  is it time to carry an ultimate exercise of gender action and change the system, balancing it out towards the double X?.

To all my ladies out there, to all my gents out there.

Loads of love.