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So I started this webpage while I was in the US, with the help and collaboration of my dear friend Mr. Rat, now am doing it on my own, and of course am finding some troubles. But what would be of it all without the troubles. It started as a professional webpage to offer alternative indie tours in the city of Berlin. Finally to admit that I am not willing to have my second job also being tour guiding. Also this blog existed for the mere fact that I love to write.  I try in English, even though if I am not so dexterous in a language that is not my own, and am humbled but my own ignorance and lack of skill. But I always think on how Samuel Beckett turned to French as his language of preference for his writingsafter the war, not that am saying that am the second epitome of  modernist literature, a genius, or even Irish. The closest to being Beckettian is me being named Lucia.  Still on try-out condition.

So the webpage has a more feminist spirit, and it´s aimed to women in their thirties whose life is not a postcard.





Accordingly to Huffington Post our New Year´s resolutions will fail due to the lack of energy, and this is common sense. It is all about discipline and consistency in the long run. And I am lacking both, but amazingly enough after two months travelling the US, and embracing Nature like a wild child, I do have massive storage of energy. Maybe the wise thing to do will be making DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY achieving, your main 2012 goals. But they are nonsense, unless there is a powerful reason behind them. But if we visualize it…we will actually get to the subconscious real goal…what a nice way to trick yourself.


I will have the discipline to go to the gym—-You go to the gym, and you get proper fit.

Cross out every day you beat procrastination on the calendar, for the sake of discipline. Day by day, instead visualizing your fab self on a bikini in Southern India. Easy.

I will have the consistency to go to German classes—-You learn German, and you make your life easier in Berlin.

Good ideas to find out how to achieve all these things…still, it´s all common sense in the end, but never the less we all need to be reminded. However I really enjoy reading Celes. She´s a star.

Also on these first weeks of flying back home to Berlin, hip Neukolln moving, and getting rid of jet lag thanks to Melatonin (kids don´t do sleeping pills they are bad, drugs, DRUGS) I have been thinking about personal financial planning and the things I will do this year. Also biz planning for my third enterprise so far, after a mild successful fashion label in the late 90s at the age of 18(where were all of you, fashion bloggers? where were you Tavi, probs not born ouch :-/ age again) and a graphic design studio. And I discovered the wonder and phenomenon that is Danielle la Porte (is there something in the BC air that breeds really special people…what is it with you?) please read all she has to say about money and biz and actually…read all of it.

I have also been thinking about the type of biz. I truly would like to embrace. I mean don´t get me wrong, I love being a tour guide is a lot of fun, and specially if I can make ludotours,meaning playful tours. But still is not my final call, it´s just a mean for the time being, that makes me really happy and allows me a lot of space to grow in many fields. Aside from the fact that am a nerd and love History, and German History, and pimping the nazis, has to give you loads of good karma. Right?

This is how my year is starting…very full throttle. I would like to work more, write more and read more. And why not, start  a different blog, my misspelled woah! is a treasure box, but it´s too static and random.

Loads of love and inspiration.



Ahhh it´s always so easy on paper.

On marriage.



On work. I agree. I have never heard so much wisdom in my entire life.


Loads of love.






I need someone to tweet me! HAHAHA.



I really like your work Scott Abels, and the poem chosen for the Best New Poets anthology as it appeared in Juked Magazine.

Funny how I had my own experience in Idaho. It´s the place for heroes.

I will most likely follow Country Music Poetry, and Hawaii must be a wonderful place.

Now if you excuse me, me and my tonsils are shooting brains up.

Loads of love and poetry.



I have always loved Adriano Celentano, and this video makes me laugh.

Dai Azurri!

Grande amore per tutti.



P.S. Although my favourite Mina´s song is L´eclipse Twist that is the opening of master Antonioni´s master piece L´eclipse, and one of my favourite all times films.

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While I gather information on how to cut your own hair (layered), am giving myself homework, unpaid, by reading Luke Sullivan´s latest post. Because this is the kind of post, you would like to read to start out the week with a bit of hope.

Loads of love and immersion, and practice and almost perfection



I got to Olly and Suzi, thanks to British musician Damon Albarn. Yes, I know, shame on me. And I am so fascinated with these artists. This is a duo that paint together while traveling the world in search of wilderness. This is to me the ultimate adventure, this is to me the dreamed life. I should do something similar with writing.

Check their webpage and expeditions


Oh and here´s a song by the greatness that was/is Mr. Albarn, video inspired by one of my all time favourite flicks.

Loads of love and wild animals, wild life, wild art.