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Not really a cover, since Tom Petty is on stage with Eddie Vedder but without the Heartbreakers. Just because I´ve always loved Tom and the ´breakers, and well, I must admit that since Manuel took me to Pearl Jam´s gig 5 years ago, I have come to terms with their music, and I do have to acknowledge that they put up a really good act with Neil Young´s other´s covers. Also yesterday at the Black Heart Procession gig (it´s all about HEART, today) they played a cover by Tom Petty and Heartbreakers. And as a side comment, this lyrics are brilliant. For anyone who´s ever been there. Or is.

Loads of love, LOADS OF LOVE, and less…LESS…WAITING.



P.S. Is it me or Eddie Vedder is one of those cases of really good aging, he´s way hotter now than before. Well done, sir.

P.S. 1 This post is full of meaning, since I am where I am.


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