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I have never been a big fan of Paul Klee, but I will admit my love for this piece. I took off for two months and a half and left Berlin behind, after busy high season.  I chose North America, and am going ghetto style.

Types of people you will find when you travel in no specific order:

– The close to death companion.

– The friend.

– The fucked up mind.

– The exconvict

– The Hell´s Angel

– The young wife.

– The troubled kid.

– The psycopath.

– The Buddhist.

– The skater.

– The sister.

– The teenagers.

– The southerner.

– The adict.

– The drug dealer.

– The mormon.

– The obese.

– The shallow.

– The Spanish.

– The Italian.

– The apple boy.

– The deer driver killer.

– The white trash.

– The eyes crossed.

– The gothic queer.

– The metal head.

– The medical marijuana doc.

– The family man.

– The man.

– The hippie chick.

– The hippie new age chick.

– The cougar.

– The cat.

– The dog.

– The latino brother.

– The cowboy.

– The random stranger.

– The musician.

– The writer.

– The young boy.

– The bus man.

– The old mami.

– The young mami.

– The papi.

– The lover.

– The exfriend.

– The inocent.

– The guilty.

– The unworthy.

– The loyal.

– The TV freak.

– The street kid.

– The caffe cool cat.

– The hipster.

– The rich.

– The poor.

– The active.

– The revolutionare.

To list a few. The end of this blog is soooo near, but first “Love is on sale”.

Lots of love and lots of people.





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