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Reinterpreting Oasis tune. I am so loving last Sally’s post. I wouldn’t say Passion is an imperative, I would say is the only way!.

Here, check out Sally Hogshead.

I feel really strongly about this. Let me rant for a moment.

There’s an insidious myth about work. It goes like this:

“A meaningful career is a luxury. Loving your job is nice in theory, sure, but unattainable for most of us. Passion is only the frosting on top.”

First of all, that’s a total crock. And second, it’s just plain sad.

Meaning is an imperative.
Joy is an imperative.
Being fascinated with work is an imperative.

Passion is not a luxury. It is an imperative.

Loving your career is a non-negotiable necessity for becoming your most fascinating. And for breaking through client and consumer skepticism. And for reaching your own greatest potential. And for making any kind of difference in this world.

A career worth loving is not an indulgence, a privilege, or a fluke. It’s a choice.

And while you’re not automatically entitled to a seat atop the professional food chain, you do have an inviolable right to pursue a career on your own terms. No one can take that away from you, unless you give it away.

To settle for anything less, to live an un-fascinating life, and then wake up one day to look back upon a lifetime of meaningless effort… ohh. Tragic.

A career isn’t to be tolerated. It’s meant to be savored, devoured, marrow sucked and fingers smacked.

Passion isn’t the frosting on top of your career. It’s the whole damn cupcake.



Loads of love and good beach reads.



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