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I still feel I don’t know a thing about this…another useless post.

–   Is liberating, not suffocating.

– We should crave for energetic boost of creativity.

– Good sex make girls fall in love, it is because of some substance we deliver to make our body ready for seeding. It is all chemicals. So you rather fall in love every now and then, or you simply have dreadful sex.

–  Romantic passion is uplifting, not destructive.

– There can be more erotism on a mutual gaze, than on a mutual fluid exchange. And less STDs.

– It is a great responsibility not to let external circumstances break the bond with another soul.

– Love is one thing. Relationships are a whole different one. You see what you chose or aim for.

– Friendship is true love.

– True love is friendship.

– Expect the unexpected.

Loads of love and blooming.



UPDATE: And then I watched Blue Valentine.


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