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I always get asked the same question in my tours (am currently working as a tour guide, and most of the time loving it) what is it with the bear?. My answer is that there was a time in Brandenburg region where bears were living in the woods carefree and happily. Of course then evolution and civilization came and all went to hell. But the symbol of the land prevailed, and so it is in Berlin’s flag. Also, some people think that the name of Berlin comes from bär which is German word for bear, and Berlin is pronounced somewhat like Bärlin…truth is Berlin comes from birl (and this we must say in the tours)as slavic word which means swamp.

However the case, to prove the importance of bears around here, once a year we have the Berlinale to remind us, where directors, actors, producers compete for a silver bear. I will be luckily working at the festival this year as a translator, and hopefully will be able to watch some good pieces and update about it.

Now, don’t miss Carmela’s glorious scrapbook travel diary of her recent trip to Berlin, hoping she will be back in summer.

Is it me, or this years poster reminds a bit of Bread and Butter?

Loads of love, grrrr, and films.




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