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There are plenty of covers of Nirvana’s hit “Smells like teen spirit” (great name Kathleen), but this is the one I first heard, and the one I liked the most. Tori Amos, is the kind of songwriter you listened to when back in the 90s if you were a girl, a real one. I feel fond of her, although more keen on Liz Phair and her amazing Exile in Guyville, which is probably one of the jewels of the mid nineties. However the case Tori Amos, is a truly talented soul, an excellent piano player and musician. I have always been drawn to her music and specially so, to her persona…could be the fact that I wore all ginger shades from 16 to my mid twenties, dreaming of being a redhair or that she was also sexually assaulted, wich is the polite way of saying rape.

Miss Amos, thank you for decades of great and inspiring lyrics and thank you for this classy cover. And I hope you went to Barbados.

“Smells like teen spirit”-Tori Amos

Loads of love and fierce redness.




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