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So, I thought of cleaning the face of the blog and Anna Karina helped out, I still don’t get used to this theme same way I don’t get used to German grammar. But I will get to you Critique of Practical Reason, you the reason to learn German in the first place.

However wandering sightless the unknown (unpronounceable) streets of European cities, is losing it’s tempo. Might be the time, to enjoy the stillness of History, in a place that surely holds the key to past Western Modern History. A good three course meal for Cold War cravers, like myself. After barely five months, overcame the stage of enchantment to walk into what seems to be real true love. And am holding my breath, aware that the cold treatment is waiting at the gates.

Therefore I thought I should leave aside the “Sempre libera!” and start rooting in a place , so my love story with this city and my life story take a seat back, hold hands and enjoy the nothingness of routine. Which in Berlin is a complete myth. And intimacy is being sold in flea-markets, for this is the land of the dispossessed. Only wished for a couple kids and a pine-tree wooden table for the kitchen, so to say.

Ich bleibe.

In the Komische Oper Berlin “La Traviata” is being played throughout October and a bit of November, unfortunately the cheap seats have been already taken like lisergic candies at the school entrance. Let me have a decent job, that pays  for tiny luxury feathers pillows and the joy of seeing live, an opera many times watched in video. Just let me.

Also if you are in town, instead of enjoying the falling of the leaf somewhere in Bohemia, don’t miss Amiga Festival in Görli this coming Saturday. The rain is a state of mind.

Loads of love and arias.



P.S. Feels good to be back, as a 30er.


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