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As a child of my dear father, Science Fiction is never been an option. It was there for us to take it, without having a saying. It all started with the Jeff Wayne´s musical version of the H.G. Wells classic, later  famous hoax by Orson Welles, and ultimately dreadful Spilberg´s movie… “War of the Worlds”. That vinyl was played endlessly at home. Then Star Wars Sundays at grandpa´s came, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (personal favorite, although it scared the shizzle out of me at the time) altogether with the neckbreakingputmetosleep 2001 A Space Odyssey, which I have learnt to love through the years, specially knowing that Kubrick is a holly figure at home (also because dad and I were/are big fans of Clockwork Orange and his whole filmography).2001, film my dad loves beyond reason. Also our family knew, WE knew the TRUTH about Moon landing…WE knew it was Kubrick´s Moon short film, so the Space Race was out of the question for us. However the case, my father and us used to build this “matches rockets” with tinpaper, set them on take off position, start  ignition (lots of burnt fingers and nails there) , engines (matches) on fire, take off… and see them take off out of the balcony (same balcony that was the Pirate´s ship), like strange fire crackers . They were of course named  “Sputnik”, as an homage. We probably reached “Sputnik 50” on one solely afternoon. And miraculously never burnt anything or anyone. That we know of.

Click on the image if you´d like to listen to the track with Justin Hayward (Moody Blues) and the Spanish version of War of the Worlds.

To keep on going with other films my dad made us watch, we have Blade Runner (another favorite) ,  Enemy Mine…which we watched with the sound off, as we could dub all the dialogues…not very hard…just do a lot of ggrrrrrsssshhh…ssshhhiiiissssmaaaaagggggrrr…and so on, Mars Attack (he just loves that one, he can´t wait for the aliens to come already)…and probably any mainstream Sci-Fi flick, name it…and he loves it. At a time… he even wanted to learn Klingon!!!. My dad is a Psychology PhD. and a freak. But thanks to that freakness of his, he made us read  “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley and H.P. Lovecraft, and that strange book about Project Blue Book. Both of my parents believe in aliens, they say the Universe is far too big to think we are alone. Dad made sure we watched some of the series Cosmos by Carl Sagan, and passed on to us “A brief history of time” by Hawkings.  So for me, Sci-Fi is the Normal thing. Whatever normal means, I got used to be raised by this man and this mother that thought that dressing her daughter as a boy was way  cool, that would put a sheet on me with hands painted all over and call the custom “Fantasy”, a mother that every time you need/want/have a problem says “ask the Universe”…yes…I was weird, because am weird…but my parents did not help much, good thing is you learn not to really care about what others think of you…ever, you get used to awkwardness. Nevertheless I feel very lucky,  I had a vivid dreamy happy childhood. True.

Then he came along with all the Voynich manuscript, Masonry and all the Middle Age related themes, alchemy and blah blah, that got so into fashion not so long ago thanks to that Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code. I even didn´t bothered to read it…I have a father, he´ll tell me…and it´s better than the movie. For sure.

Not so long ago, he wrote a sci-fiction,  conspiracy illuminati based novel (i think). I haven´t read it yet because it´s in the agent´s hands…and according to my father, it cannot be read until is published. He started with a novel and ended up with a whole trilogy.. maybe the reason why  it hasn´t been published yet, for over a year (august).  I just can´t wait. So if anyone interested into publishing it…give us a shout. Last thing I know, is that he is giving it a twist to make it a political panphlet, because my father is a delusional fascist-anarchist…yes…and inflexible anarchist.

The reason why I have been thinking of my father´s passion for the Sci-fiction, the aliens, the UFOs, the outer space, the Cosmos…is because recently I acquired this planisphere, that totally reminded me of the one we had when we were kids, that my dad used to carry along when we would go on free camping. My father is a complete genius, even if he has those other things I dislike so much. And I have to thank him, because he let my wings grow and my imagination fly endlessly until this day.

Later on in life, I had friends like V2 that told me about this book and whom I can talk about this things, that you don´t really dare to talk with many people and also my friend J who is a complete conspiracy paranoid and that two years ago sent me an e-mail with the Ederman message. Also when I was a teenager with my friend V1, at the village where my parents had the countryside house…we saw…a pretty strange light, with a pretty strange flying behaviour. At that same village  there was this lady on her mid 50´s stuck completely in the Spanish post civil-war era, with no TV, that would cook on a fire she would make on a hole in her primitive house said that she was abducted by the aliens. Go figure.

Anyhow, my father influence has being pivotal in my life for many reasons but all these sci-fiction, Cosmos, aliens and the likes…are some of them.

Charly, te quiero. :-)

Loads of love and look up and smile, they are looking down.



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