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Even if he jumped into international (at least European) scene thanks to yet another cover of the Portishead jewel “Teardrop” ages ago… it is this, the one I chose. “Heartbeats” by fellow Swedish duo The Knife, whom are responsible for the melody and those “e.e. cummings” (oh Edward, you my only love are the one that rests in the depth of this suffocating massive soul…you don´t deserve a post, but a life devoted <3) lyrics…only worse. Jose Gonzalez in his honest simplicity, delivers the sound that gets to the depth of the most complex layers of sound and wonder, it caresses the twist of sensitivity like Chinese needles and a morning kiss swinging with feathers. No matter with his very own material, or other´s. With his very first album, he got me going through the lonely days at an English bookstore. Thank you Mr. Gonzalez, this is a tune to ride your bike on the early summery Berliner Monday lights.

Heartbeats-Jose Gonzalez

Loads of love and keep your hearts beating.




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