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Favorite day of the year.

On the Summer Solstice of exactly ten years ago, I was flying from NYC to Austin, Texas. The reason, could not be other but a boy. It is yet shocking and funny, how we love to recreate our favorite mistakes. The same, only different.

In Spain we celebrate “La noche de San Juan” the equivalent to Midsummer night on the 23-24 of June (not the 21st), lighting up big fires and burning all the things we don´t want to carry along and let the bad spirits go, as well as jumping  over the big fires. And then, we just  get drunk. Magic night.

So this year am thinking about celebrating a nite picnic at one of this marvelous Berliner parks, with candles and loads of Spanish goodies to eat…and mind you, sangria. Of course.

Summer means:

SUNFunOrange TangIce CreamBeachBikesBirthdaysHolidaysTravelingHeatSummer loveIbizaNite picnicsCampingRawWatermelonPostcardsLong daysLong nitesReadingOutdoor paintingBody paintingAugust friendsEmpty citiesSkinny dippingSun tan-burntFresh colorful clotheNew beginningsLoveFire…

Name your own associations.

Loads of love and summer memories.




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