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I enjoy my body, I like giving myself long stares in the nude, in the intimacy of the aftershower. I like my body, because it´s femenine, and unique, not perfect, but it´s all mine …most of the time.

I have always had the wild desire of being one of those Newton´s models, ferocious and sensous women, not as objects but as power holders, independent, defying it all in the impossible high heels.

I love my body because it gives me endless pleasure to the senses. And am thankful for that.

All this body liking issue, has taken part of my flight time to Berlin, since I found out that starting June 11th at the Helmut Newton Foundation, you can see the work of Alice Springs (pseudonym for June Newton, pretty nice name of the mister´s wife).

Loads of love, and do what body likes.



P.S. I have been busy listening to everyone, surfing and falling in and out of love. But am already back in the crack. Stay tuned, riot coming.


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