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Der Tag Des Spatzen (by Philip Scheffner D2010)

This is a political wildlife film. How to explain the political state of the World and war, by ornithological methods. And this is so abstract, odd and  strange to me…that I find it very appealing, in a way. Hope and pray not to fall asleep, but considering am on a 4 kaffees a day diet…am quite positive I won´t fall into Orpheus arms while watching this piece by Scheffner.

So, if you are near Potsdamerstr. around 8pm today, hit the Arsenal (not the footie team, mind you!) . Film is in English btw, sweet!.

Loads of love and PEACE OUT!!!.



UPDATE: When I say it´s in English, I mean there are no actual dialogues…never seen a sparrow singing Shakespearean verses, to be honest. So yeh, pretty intelligent observation…in English..haha.


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