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So…yet again comes another self embarrassing post…out loud pouring thoughts and experiences in the open, like anyone really cared. This I do, for my learning, and I never imagine who reads this or that, I don´t trully think anyone would be interested, whatsoever.

So…here we go, some things I have learnt:

  • To have high expectations on someone is the fastest way to failure.
  • Becoming friends with ex-lovers is one herculean task, if you dismissed them as lovers, what makes you think they are worthy as friends?, and if you truly believe they are worth the effort, be prepared, it won´t be easy.
  • When someone does not reply to your emails, phonecalls, text messages, or funny jokes on your social network of choice (even if your jokes are hilarious, if you are one talented brilliant mind, and fairly good-looking individual)…there is no possible excuse…the counterpart is not into you, nor won´t be. Stop being delusional and a self-cheater. Oh, and there is no rational explanation for that, but “it wasn´t meant to happen” usually works quite alrightta…and “we were not THAT fated” classic…haha. And as a classic ego booster I learnt from my brother “him/her doesn´t really know what is missing”.:-D
  • A perfect relation should be one, in wich you see your partner 6 mos a year.The remaining 6 mos each one is doing his/her own projects out of the city, and the family house, travelling or whatever. It is possible even if my friend  Ben insists there is no point into gettin in that type of relationship and far more pointless having children (dressed up as tigers of course). I think it makes sense, and it is quite possible, and thrilling.
  • Sex is overrated.
  • Love is beyond time and space.
  • Girls don´t want to be told what boys think girls like to hear, we want to be told what you truly think. No matter what. We don´t break into pieces like Bohemian  glass, although we like being taken care of. :-)
  • Anal sex is overrated.
  • When you are in love you only turn your head to look at dogs and puppies. Sometimes you look at boys/girls…in a less luscious way that if you were single.
  • Love will come in the most surprising package.
  • Even if it looks like the craziest psycho shit in the planet, it is worthy in the name of love…as long as it is not, harming to anyone. Do it. If you end up failing miserably, with no dignity for a couple days…at least you know you have the balls and also will treasure a great story to tell your grandchildren by the fireplace. The best stories are the ones we write everyday in our everyday lives, our greatness in our simple quests.
  • Believe to be loved.
  • It is ok to behave a bit like a teenager, and it is ok to believe in unicorns… among the real world demands and paying the bills. It is healthy for your brain and it keeps you in touch with your innermost dreams and innocent child.

Loads of good ´ol loving.




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