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To stay the obvious would be to say that Mr. Rat is an extraordinary human being.  I have been lucky enough and a thousand times lucky to share his house a.k.a The Rathaus for four wonderful months filled with laughter all and all. He gave me shelter in his home, his dreams, his thoughts, his music (oh my till exhaustion), his marvelous group of friends. I fall short into words, to express the joy of sharing adventures with such a marvelous subject… from extreme fist fights on the beach, sword dwells in a park, chasing tornados with big hangovers upon us, spiritual dances around the table with absinthe, Irish Christmas, hitting the big 3-0 holding sparklers, dance to fake gipsy tunes, dreadful early coffees at Chinese cafeterias, skiing in the empty silent cities, notes on the kitchen notepad, debating and sharing our domestic affairs and cooking recipes in the open, daring the rain to do the laundry, falling into addiction with pop culture series…and far more memories, that… my dear friend…will always remain and will always be treasured dearly in the deepest of this hooligan´s heart. Because you have made a deep impression on me and therefore you own really large shoes that cannot be easily filled. That I tell you.

Four months that seemed like days, remember I was just staying for one month!!. And yes we could have had more adventures (cluedo?) but due to my chaos and due to your commitment to plans, never took place…but those, we should save  for the years to come, of this magnificent friendship.

And how we all choose different paths to fulfill our destiny and our deepest desires, I also know we walk parallel like we have done previously without even knowing…because you are my family, you are a friend, and we are brothers in arms.

Humbly I can only aspire to be the best LT and if there is one solely thing I can commit blindly to is my love and loyalty to you…Jolene.

Praise upon the rat!

You will be greatly missed my dear.

Truthfully yours and always at your command.


LT. Lucha.

P.S: Oye que tengo que poner una lavadora, no te cueles o la hacemos conjunta…no me toques las peloutas. Por cierto, hay unos espaghettis con soja…toguarros…por si los quieres para cenar. :-D


“Yo nunca te llamé puta!…me oyes?!!”

“Tienes más peligroooorrrlll que Balthar con una rubiaaarrlll”

“- Calamaaaarrrr!!! – Sepiaaaaa!!!”

“Esto es un temazo es así…oscurote”

“Soy un tipo duro…friego tuppers”

” Os cylons tenem un plan”

” Eres más rarrrroooorrr que el finaaal de Twin Peaks”

“Lola Flores, la faraona”

“Cuando te lavas el pelo y te vas a dormir sin secártelo, se te queda ideal”

” Wuaaaaarrrrggghhhh…love me!”

“Me tienes harto!”

“Coño! El negro!”

“- Me ENCANTA sonarme los mocos.

– Sí, pero es mejor beber cuando tienes sed. “


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