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Way better to regret the things you have actually done, that those remaining silent sheltered by too much thinking, fear or lack of a strong driving force. And although not so keen on quoting, I have to say that I really enjoyed Goethe´s quote via the marvelous, inspiring mind that is the loved and lovely Adela Bravo (to miss not)

So here I paste it since my German is yet far from good:

“Was immer du tun kannst oder wovon du träumst – fange es an. In der Kühnheit liegt Genie, Macht und Magie” / “Whatever it is that you can do or that you dream of doing, start it. Daring harbours genius, power and magic within” –Goethe.

Yuko Shimizu, The Big Wave (after Hokusai), 2002-03

Plan B, toss a coin. It works, it clears the mental cloud to the very core of your will. I promise.

Loads of love my brave ones.




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