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For nothing speaks better for oneself than a real homemade meal. And we will all agree, that some fine exquisite dishes are nothing but  heroic quests in the intimacy of our own kitchen. Cooking for yourself is quite pleasant, but not as much as it is cooking for others. The act of nurturing in a very specific way and giving all your best, it´s a win-win situation for both parties.

Not long enough (February 25th) was the birth of my never enough valued flatmate and loved friend Mr. Rat, and I was ready to make a rat shaped cake…I counted with really good advise from Aunt Bessie (that I hope comes up with a bakery and cooking blog) from Wellington, NZ. Even though, then the two people I was facing this challenge with…were not truly committed, and am one perfectionist bitch…when I saw this “thing” evolving into a kindergarten Optimus Prime plasticine figure, I decided to pull out. Instead I bought gazillions of sparklers to give away at the party, wich is a tricky way of winning people over…lights…huh? damn, we are easy.

And all this egotic exercise of (actually not falling asleep) self promotion is just a lame excuse…to post this new found blog on vegan cookery and specialized on vegan cupcakes…oh! cuteness…i was only joking when I said I´d like to smash all the whole milk in your head (covering one of the Smiths many anthems). Just for the record, being a vegetarian in Spain is like making out with a blender; ouch!.

Loads of love…and eat all your meals!!!



UPDATE: Go on and try eating paella without hitting the chunks of chicken, but worse come to worse, order a veggie soup and yet find AGAIN more chicken. I have never seen chickens growing out from trees, but what can I say am a city girl. :-)


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