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Caught myself making this statement out loud ” I don´t know what lies ahead in my life, but am not scared”…am not even a little bit worried. And I usually speak my mind out, which has got me in a lot of trouble in the past. Say then think, act then think is a kamikaze combination that needs to be handled with much care.

Once we have reached the island of stability within ourselves in a polarized rushed world, overloaded with stimuli and a fair amount of gray shades and in-betweens. It is time to avoid/eliminate excuses for mediocrity (own or other´s), it is time to lay all your cards on the table, time to show the true talents we are given and share them with those who truly deserve them. Ambition greatness…and build golden bridges towards anyone willing to follow that path of uniqueness. Embrace every true soul. Otherwise your life is wasted in a tamed fake complexity of layers build on vague certainties and self-treachery.

Keep walking, enjoy the broad horizons and the silver lilies blooming both sides of the road. Spring is here. Celebrate life.

Loads of love.



P.S. Personal data: mum is a hippie.


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