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…my personal quest to give up all the pretty things .

Once you don´t have the means to spend on pretty things, you learn to live with the shoes you wear, the clothes you have. Your fashion shopping is virtual, and you learn to get good value for money. Once you have decided to live like a nomad, you no longer accept material gifts or tokens of affection, you no longer own books, cd´s, DVD´s, pictures…and memories are the size of a chocolate box, at most. You are what you see, and not what you carry. Getting plenty of dinning out, hugs, kisses, walks, wishes…

Overcoming deprivation and sense of abandonment, enlightens you in a way only reachable by despossession of unwanted family responsibilities. Having nothing; having no past nor future…gives you a complete sense of freedom and independence. And I feel fortunate, for not getting trapped. For I am alive.

So cheers to that.

Loads of love and a quick nappy.




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