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Where my bitches at?.

I am fortunate enough to have in my life a number of women, whom I truly admire, whom I´ve been working with  through the good and the rough times and whom I love deeply. Firstly at a Fashion (the wonderful, exciting world of fashion)School, where you could see girls acting as a living proof of the best and worst of mankind. There I met this three talented girls, and before you could even say “fashion babies” at the tender age of 18 decided to come up with our own clothing line…Watashi Wa.  This was recent second stage in internet historical times.  No  myspace, no facebook, no twitter, no other possible way of spreading the word on how good your designs were, than literally spreading the word. We would work on cafés, ditching classes with our colours all over the table, drawing, laughing, brain storming, sharing all one Earl Grey tea as we were poor students. At the early stages of this tailor-made experience, we ended up winning Benicassim Music Festival Fashion Contest  first prize by doing this comic-zen inspired collection book with all four´s designs that we used to call “La Criatura”, Spanish for “The Creature”, by  making it mostly at a renown madrileño café called Pepe Botella. Later on we came up with incredible collections beyond our expertise. This Watashi Wa love affair, lasted (for me) 5 wonderful years, with ups and downs. But I never gave up the idea of working with this girls (at least two of them) and going back to the creative community we were. And the sisterhood prevailed. Despite the negative stereotypes weighed upon women working together, wich is pure macho shizzle.


After dropping out from Fashion School, I decided to enroll on a Political Science degree to apply for a Feminist Studies Scholarship. Considering myself a third wave feminist by all standards, but sadly realizing in mid 2000s, after a large amount of lectures and studies, that feminism has failed miserably. Not only we turned ourselves to the rat race of nonsensical power struggle, sacrificing our main grounds in the name of freedom, sexualizing our power  but more painfully we have objectified men by trying to liberate ourselves from our objectification. And in the way we all now are objects and subjects of consumerism, we are in chains falling under the stomping feet of neoliberalism. However I do agree, late feminism has proved to be a bit more favorable for men than it was for women. So after all this considerations, I joined the University female rugby team, partly dropping my studies, and met other wonderful girls tackling down all girl´s cliches. Being a woman is an act of continuous violence, and an exercise of reassuring identity, sexual knowledge, evading traps, and constant role checking.

Paradoxically the ultimate flare of social media, is a result of the female networking, how women relate to others on a regular basis. Is it time, already, to simply and equally embrace our roles? or  is it time to carry an ultimate exercise of gender action and change the system, balancing it out towards the double X?.

To all my ladies out there, to all my gents out there.

Loads of love.





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