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Missing the days when I was able to get my rear end off bed at 5:30AM, dragged my feet to school and made it to get the school bus to Industry Hills, for a one hour voluntary swim practice at 7AM, aside from the one mandatory hour we had as members of the Sierra League pentachampion swim team, everyday after classes. I just found out, demolition of IHAC took place last March. We´ll always have Mt. SAC

Either way, I have always had hard feelings for swimming,ever since I got kicked out from the Olympic School for being a midget, at the tender age of 11. Next thing you get, is preteen angst and compulsive readings of Sartre.

This dazzling, talented, humorous, truthful, complex in its simplicity, wonderfully written self centered piece of BS I wrote as an intro, serves the purpose of the today topic: Self discipline. All I needed to know about discipline, I learnt it from sports. And never was a jock, but a punk.

Of course according to my always preposterous thinking procedures, it occurs to me that there are several types/degrees of self-discipline. In no specific order.

  • Superhero type: So you have a fever so high to warm all the lovely little bankrupt homes of Iceland on its own…and what do you do? you go lifting weights double your size and sweat off the sickness for an hour at the gym. That is, undoubtedly, what anyone about to experience a nuclear fission on his/her forehead would do. For the longest time, I used to call this “to pull a Hughsie”. Now this superhero subject, can pull that hard training madness, and achieve much more beyond our imagination and ambition; from a basic diet of bread and butter, to a fitness empire. And that to me, is nothing but superhero self-discipline. So cheers to that. You all superheroes out there, have all my admiration and blessings. No doubt.
  • The multitalented creative entrepreneur: Now, this is the type of selfdiscipline that preaches to ” i really feel like doing this shit” and never takes a stand back…leaving the sorry asses of “i-wishes” behind, for it makes us happy, nevermind the efforts, setbacks and ignorant jealousy. You find this subjects playing in a band, coming up with underground low-budget record companies, presenting the finest gigs and venues in town without being pretentious…and still manage to have an 8 hours regular job in the corp. world.
  • The erudite : The ones that forgive a parrrteeey just to go on study nonsense languages, far out of reach for the lazy, undisciplined knobs. Buried in knowledge of books, classes, seminars…on an everlearning-always-studying route, that only few are able to take. Uni is the home of the braves.
  • The basic self-discipline: The one that almost automatically makes you have all your meals (make one raw, if so), go to work, do your jogging and sports training 3 times a week, read/write/draw a little…and answer all your social commitments. Personally, am stuck in this one, with traces of the previous ones…tiny traces.

It does not get better than this, I have high fever and therefore I have to go jogging in the icy rain.

Loads of love and discipline.




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