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Optimism takes you places where rage and grief can be eased. But although necessary, in order to keep up with a bright hope of a promising future; I would say it is somewhat overrated. Of course it is  positive to turn things the other way round, so that you avoid mental ward…yet somehow, I have the feeling that optimism is the diplomatic older sibling of nonconformity. And although optimism might open some good doors, it is to my belief that nonconformity has the balls to break down the impossible. Optimism is a fantastic tool, a high mental device implanted in a corner of our consciousness, that can be used methodically, easy, with a constant consumption of energy and mental power. However needs to walk hand by hand with  alternative problem solving.

Nevertheless, nonconformity speaks from the innards… which means that refusing the standard, if the standard plays against us, and furthermore to refuse embracing non-action/failure, sucks up a large amount of energy…of course accepting is such a wonderful step to achieve peace of mind. Still a bath in the shores of nonconformity can be enjoyed and also peace of mind can be brought up. Because, and I pour all the faith I have ever had, I know that nevermind the excesses, in the end everything will be all right.

Barefoot, claws and teeth sharpened, and the willingness to fight. It is never easy, but it is always worthy.

If you would like to know whether you are an optimist, here. If you could care less about it, check Wieden+Kennedy London blog, you have to love this English creatives. Bastards.





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