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What it takes to write a good headline, the master behind that pampered and all time favourite pamphlet that is “Hey Whipple, squeeze this” Mr. Luke Sullivan sure does know. And so does Miss Hogshead, taking account of it on her always inspiring blog and her radical career advises. Unfortunately for me, my very own copy of  “Hey Whipple” is in no other place than Berlin, altogether with my acrylics, watercolors and several painting-drawing material. Blame love for that one…and a lack of future projection and common sense.

Automatic writing could certainly drive me back to the fun days of André Breton, those Frenchies always do it better in words of techno princess Miss Kittin. But it actually, gets me back to Cameron´s morning pages described on that self-help (we all end up owning one of those) keystone that is The Artist Way that surely cleared up the thought for upcoming creative greatness during the day. Some prefer booze. Not in the name of my liver…nor my liberty.

However the fact, am now facing a creative task with life changing outcome, one of those cases of “let´s push the change, see where the change pushes me”, that if you happened to read the post on Resilience to change, you would definitely understand.

Ready, challenge…GO!.





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