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My tonsils are the size of ping-pong balls, but as heavy as golf balls…and then I was just about to make a dirty joke including Tiger Woods. How sad.

Went to work and then got a leave of absence, because of my deadly look and my fever voice, reminding me completely to school days.

Remember how it felt when mum let you stay home, watching cartoons, eating cookies and butter. Remember how you spied on the neighbours thru the keyhole just to find out they only get seldom visits from a bookseller and the postman, remember how you could drag a massive blanket all over the house and hit any object including china, and didn´t mind because you were sick. Hoping that a funny looking, talkative turd from outer space would require your help, to go back home. Oh I loved those quiet sunny days of sickness in my pjs…feeling the full steam routine pass by your warm nest´s window.

Funny enough I´ve found there is a whole trickery web knitted for calling in sick in the most convincent ways.





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