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What a bargain. It could only get any better if by buying love you would get lust or lucidity. I would choose lucidity, for what there is to it and the chastity ring I bear in my middle finger. To flip off luscious loving…shame, shame to the sensuous body.
Anyhow, this is about to be one of those really obnoxious, absurd and self embarrassing posts. Oh my shyness.

Things I have learnt about love, beyond hormones:

  • We will never be complete as individuals until we have gained a limb to be called partner and then lose it, to be crippled. And yes, this is one interesting process, of death and resurrection.
  • That the love to one is overrated compared to the love to others…but not to the love to self. So am assuming the love to one is meant to be somewhere in between.
  • There can´t be no taking if there is no giving.
  • Unconditional love is possible, and not it has nothing to do with faithfulness, commitment, buying house, having a dog or uprising some little ones. Absolutely nothing to do with it. It is much simple and yet larger than life.
  • To believe there is such thing as a standard relationship, or a type of relationship, or a steady relationship.. is not only counterproductive, but a deep stagnation into evolution beliefs and mankind. Everything alive, grows.
  • To love someone you cannot be with, by reasons concerning matter/anti-matter, Universal objections and selfdestruction…is one hell of a lesson. For it is not meant to be, no matter how much you love each other beyond limits.
  •  To love and be creative together, to share, to trust and project are the main basics for it to happen. And a good laugh, and optimistic outlook.
  • Sex and lovemaking are very different. Be sure to go for the lovemaking, and forget about approaching sex as a sport.
  • You are not a half, you are a whole…and you offer that whole to every living thing including of course your life partner. Passion is not how you love, but how you live.
  • Sometimes your opinion is not necessary…hold your tongue back. That´s not being dishonest, that´s being respectful.
  • You have to believe that your heart is not being replaced by a rock, for it will be wounded again and again…there is not such thing as anticipation…just self – preservation, for you not to get caught up in some sticky, senseless mud.
  • You have the power to make anything happen.

There is probably more, but that will come in the other half of this post.




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