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While watching the making off of Blade Runner, we came across those marvelous drawings of all the Art Department, and the terrific work the design team did. I drooled all through it, and when I was literally about to dehydrate myself…this comic magazine Heavy Metal…hit me like an axe made of a lightning thunder. Wich of course, was one of the many influences in Scott´s work, for manufacturing that masterpiece of Sci-fi. Please, do watch the documentary.

Then of course, I remembered that marvelous book I bought at Universal City Walk. Life in a L.A. suburb being a Spaniard, a midget, with no car…is anything but fun. Out of all the exciting things that can be done, the top three would be stealing at the mall, sneaking in for free in really mainstream cheesy movies at the movie theatre, and chasing hellicopters that are simultaneously chasing criminals/runaways with guns in your district area. So…once in a while we had to go downtown to enjoy Hollyweird, Universal City Walk and the likes and introduce a bit more of excitement to the routine of  the suburbian life. Thanks. To the point, the book was none other than one of Star Wars original illustrations…which mostly were made by Ralph McQuarrie. Today, I went through his work and started drooling…now, I have an indoor pool.

Don´t you just love comics, and fine illustrations? don´t they make you extremely happy?





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