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I read at someone´s blog, this critic on Spike. Briefly on his work…and less briefly on the “icon” if he could ever be called such, that he has become, that we made of him. If he´s what he is…it´s mainly by a whole bunch of hipster followers, same as Gondry, whom according to this person, is much greater than Jonze, when it comes to musical videos. Could be, The Science of Sleep nearly killed me of boredom and yeh…guessed it…it put me to sleep. Haneke? all the people that believes to have SUCH a criteria on film, wets his/her undies when it comes to Haneke, “Cache”…is some sort of tricky, pretentious film, trying to be provocative…nothing to do with the amazing piece that is “Unknown Code”…so hell no, Haneke is no Jonze. What I like about Jonze´s undoubtedly is all the great work he´s done for the skateboarding scene. Not just with Girl Skateboards, introducing some fresh air in the skateboarding video producing…and a skateboard brand that he owns partly, and a personal favourite. But also the not enough times watched jewel that is “Fully Flared”. For all his “Yeah right!” series…and “Hot Chocolate”. And even for co-creating Jackass, which is a relevant pop cultural stallion of the last decade (whether we like it or not) he deserves certainly some credit. So he might be a hype, a product of the official “underground” culture, and he might be a film director still on the making…but as far as it goes for me…keep it rolling, boy…it´s looking good.




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