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Am on the verge of starting my own business, no previous case scenario study, almost no clue on the real needs of the market, hardly any planning yet, hardly financial sources, but as someone once said “why not? let´s do it”. Let´s throw ourselves in the chaotic madness of biz startups. This would be my third adventure in the always exciting world of selfemployment, others include a fashion clothing line with other three talented young ladies at the sweet age of 18, a graphic design company with family members (so wrong!) at 23…and after what it is to be called the Dark Ages, now at 29, with a very brilliant young woman. There is not as much risk involved as we think, it´s always worth trying…even to have a side plan, as a plan B, while you work part-time in the corporate world, for petty coins. Let creativity pervade all your life, turn it into light. Speak only but wisdom. Get focused and just take control of your life, love and let yourself be loved. Teach yourself  some selfdiscipline .  Let´s get inspired.

I still will write about the prestartup-startup-during-and…whatever is next.






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