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I loved the article at Creativity. But furthermore I loved the comment by stillif . Although,  less bohemian…but yet fun.

Twitter Haiku is already a movement! though, I would say that its the inadvertent creation of meaning that is real poetry. generally people trying to be poetic results in maudlin sentiment or boring doggerel. if you are trying to advocate for twitter and facebook’s ability to be meaningful and poetic, then an article on the basics of poetry, like this one, is sort of defeating the purpose. the cultural significance of twitter and facebook are already well documented, to deny it is just luddism. if you want to see how culturally meaningful it is, one merely needs to pick a topic, then watch that stream for a few hours. it is a deeply meaningful and poetic to see that twitter is a perfect model of humanity: there are tweets that are eloquent, tweets that are strident, tweets that are superficial, and of course, retweets. conversation in any other medium is virtually identical.

If only beautiful Arthur knew.


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