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There are three powerful reasons that would make me hate Sweden as a nation for the rest of my life…with no second thought.

1. Most definitely the fact that Sweden, as the beacon of socialism, carried on with eugenics. Oh yeah the nazis took it to extreme, but it didn´t last for almost 4 decades…did it?. And to make things even better, Sweden has a severe problem of white supremacist organizations.

2. The way we all look the same, and have the same homes.

3. The fact all boys and girls look absolutely stunning. Could be due to reason number one and reason number two.

However putting aside such considerations, there are far more reasons why I love Sweden. Because the Swedish girls made a lot of shorty, hairy, Spanish males from the sixties happy by flashing their stunning bodies in our beaches. Because of Hellacopters, Millencollin, Backyard Babies, The Soundtrack of our Lives…and of course Abba. Because my name is Lucia, and they probably have the most beautiful celebration of Saint Lucia, ever to be known. Worth seeing. And top reason, because their expertise in design and creativity. Wouldn´t you want to be a pilot of chaos (although Danish, well spreaded in Sweden), to fly the skies of endless imagination? wouldn´t you give away all your Star Wars figures collection to wreck at an island of complete creativity ?…could you see yourself in Göteborg, undergoing a magnificent world of colour and shape? . For that, I´d like to think of Sweden as more as just a hype, and they have sense and sensibility (pretentious or not) at a rather young age. Oh yeh…and mind the beautiful landscapes.

hej då!




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