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“Resilience to change has become a highly sought after skill in the workforce. It acts as a stress ‘buffer’ that reduces the risk of costly behavioural health problems such as lost work time, workplace accidents, conflict and depression. When an individual is resilient to change, they posess the ability to rise to the challenges of a turbulent and often ambiguous environment and turn stressful events into opportunities for personal growth and benefit. They possess a composite of commitment, control and desire for challenge”

Change Resilience: The essential skill for today’s workforce by  Elissa Faint, B. Comm Grad Dip Psych, Senior Consultant, Astor Levin Pty Ltd

Change has always been pounding in the back of my senses, like a hard drug. It´s always there. The urge for change for the sake of change. But, unfortunately change is not always good in the end, and it may lead you to strenuous paths of endless headaches. On the positive side, I´d say that the fact that you are such an addict to breaking the rut, builds up a great adaptability, and resilience to change.  For the last three years I haven´t lived more than 6 months in the same place, wich doesn´t make me one of those Romantic gipsy nomad characters (although my great grandfather was actually a gipsy…other story)…you find stillness within yourself amidst the chaos. Not thru rigid structures…but thru flexibility and confidence. Confidence, that has nothing to do with the well-known big creative egos. We all have suffered those egos. So make the best out of yourself, be ready, be prepared…and fear not.

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Funny thing, is that I came to read into this topic…because of the most absurd debate, about some Strait Edge band playing at a bar.



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