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Needless to say how it feels to be blocked long enough to believe that you used to be creative when you (place your adiction of choice).  There is this strenous fight between the creative you would like to be and the creative you should be, and the work your doing and the work you would like to do. This sort of createxia can only get worse if we stress and turn to whatever erratic behaviour to either avoid it or to cheat ourselves to believe that we are almost “out of it”.

Spot the block, soon, fast.


Either way there are countless ways of  overcoming blocks, not that am personally fond of finding gurus…but i grew to like this books, for some of the advise is quite good actually.

Stress and dieting, are sadly enough often related, so if you are facing a creative block you will blow up your diet, either by starving yourself or overeating. Therefore you would probably have a long painful dead, both physical and creative.

So take good care.




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