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Mind the creative sex post, it is coming eventually.

There is an extraordinary misperception about WHERE creativity lies in the world, I hear over and over again, about cities as NYC, London and Berlin. There is an army of creative whiners, that don´t seem to pull a happy-artsy life out, just because they are stuck in some surburb or “European-but not enough artsy” type of city/town. The main reason for moving to the three mentioned above could it be the amount of creative people focused on those cities, the talent…but let´s be honest, the creative community is above time frames and geographical considerations. Of course well maybe it would be nice to hang out at bohemian, well designed caffes with people in barets, and so on…but just because we would like to play cool cats, and hook up with so self-proclaimed artists, doesn´t mean we actually have to believe blindly on the creative potential of “those creative hubs” and almost mandatory decission of being where EVERYTHING is happening now.

Chasing innovation, only tells you how late you are. Chasing modernity is old.

Well, maybe you don´t get to see as many improv performances, exhibition openings, hipsters, design all around as you would in NYC, but…who cares, it´s all about doing what you love and having a great life.No matter where. As long as you create and relate to others to do so.

Although this whole post could be pure nonsense, and IT IS really important for your survival as a creative type, where you choose to live. Also why not considering da hood and the house you live in, as well.

Update #1:  Economic Crisis and Mobility by Richard Florida.




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