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This is my self-introduction, self-explanatory on WHY starting a blog on creativity and creative communities


romysurfextrarradio1So I read somewhere (unable to link it right now, you can tell how unexperienced and bloggin illiterate I am)that starting a blog on a subject is a good way to learn about that same subject. Also I stomped with Mark Penn´s article on the Wall Street Journal and what is ultimately appealing to me is the following statement ” Forget about huge, sweeping megaforces. The biggest trends today are micro: small, under-the-radar patterns of behavior which take on real power when propelled by modern communications and an increasingly independent-minded population. In the U.S., one percent of the nation, or three million people, can create new markets for a business, spark a social movement, or produce political change. This column is about identifying these important new niches, and acting on that knowledge.” So on one hand I have been most of my life walking errands in the various paths of creativity, whether it was fashion, photography, illustration, writing, graphic design…name it and I´ve failed (all on me). On the other hand, am a Political Science dropout, believing on community potential, and having an almost childish faith on human race. Mix it up, and you get CREATIVITY being a World changing tool. When creativity is meant to feed one´s petty ego needs, is being completely underrated on its own possibilities…now, when collective social creativity takes place…anything can happen.



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